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It’s never been easier to bring rich, engaging and interactive learning into your classroom. With the latest award-winning Prowise Touchscreen Installation Solutions you can make learning more creative and flexible for all students.

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  • Wall Mounted

  • Mobile Trolley Height Adjustable

  • Wall Mounted Height Adjustable

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Features and Benefits

  • Award-winning interactive 4K ultra HD display with anti-reflective and scratch proof LED display

  • Up to 40 multi-touch points for easy navigation

  • Prowise Central operating system with native/built-in screen sharing

  • Instant access to ProNote Whiteboard, Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Prowise Reflect and many more

  • Integrated Dolby certified soundbar and subwoofer, plus in-built microphones

  • FREE Professional Development

  • FREE and UNLIMITED access to Prowise Presenter lesson creation software for teachers, students and families

  • FREE and SIMPLE conversion of all PowerPoint and Notebook files into Prowise Presenter

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