From war room scenarios to team ideation, design thinking, agile and corporate training. Bring a new depth of interaction to your teams wherever they are located.

Prowise Touchscreens

Go beyond visual collaborative spaces and make them into real-time teaming hubs, its more afforable than you might think. By adding interactive touchscreens to your spaces no matter the location of your participants, information can be displayed, captured, manipulated, and shared quickly and easily. You have the flexibility to work and collaborate without the restrictions of traditional displays or desktop solutions. Whether it’s for your meeting room, lobby, classroom, command centre, courtroom, or training facility, interactive solutions offer a level of engagement and excitement unlike any other.

Prowise interactive touchscreens bring a stunning experience into your spaces with award-winning technology to enhance collaboration. Utilise the Prowise MOVE camera for an all-in-one video conferencing solution to visually collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Prowise interactive technologies are flexible, safe, reliable, secure and intuitive and when adding a Prowise iProLift system you also add mobility and multi-task orientated capabilities. Available in 55”, 65”, 75” 86”.


  • 4K Ultra HD resolution for beautiful content that can be seen by all in the room

  • Immersive sound for every person in the room

  • Navigate at a touch of a button or use ProWrite Ink for natural writing on the screen

  • 32-point multi-touch on 55, 65 & 75 inch to deliver engaging content

  • Fully integrated with all personal settings within easy reach

  • Project a participant’s device on the screen

  • Complete conferencing solution with webcam, four wide area microphones and the 2.1 Dolby Audio soundbar

  • Combine with an iPro lift system for height and location flexibility

  • Peace of mind with 5 year warranty

Designed to enhance the way you work





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