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Interactive Learning

Buy a 55″, 65″, 75″ or 86″ Prowise Touchscreen and receive up to 30% off!


  • FREE Prowise Interactive MOVE Camera (valued at $700)
  • FREE 5 year warranty
  • FREE professional development
  • FREE access to Prowise Screen Control Management Software for 5 years
  • FREE and SIMPLE conversion of all PowerPoint and Smart Notebook files into Prowise Presenter

Get the latest Prowise Touchscreen technology in your classrooms and make learning more creative, flexible and engaging! All screens feature:

  • Award-winning interactive 4K ultra HD display with anti-reflective and scratch proof LED display
  • 32 multi-touch points for perfect navigation
  • Prowise Central operating system with native/built-in screen sharing
  • Instant access to ProNote Whiteboard, Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Prowise Reflect and many more
  • Integrated 2.1 Dolby certified soundbar and subwoofer, plus in-built microphones
  • FREE and UNLIMITED access to Prowise Presenter lesson creation software for teachers, students and families

Discover and learn how the award-winning interactive range of Prowise Touchscreens can enhance your teaching capabilities and transform classroom learning.

Find out more about our current Prowise Touchscreen special offers, or request a quote and speak with one of our dedicated Education Consultants.

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Safety Management

Buy a HALO Smart Sensor and receive up to 20% off!


  • FREE HALO Smart Sensor software
  • FREE device manager training
  • FREE firmware upgrades
  • 1 year warranty

Are students vaping or smoking in your school? The HALO Smart Sensor monitors air quality and the school environment while ensuring the privacy and safety of students.

Get alerts sent straight to your inbox and phone when the HALO Smart Sensor detects:

  • Vape, smoke or THC
  • Sound abnormalities or specific keywords
  • Chemicals

Schools around Australia are now using the HALO Smart Sensor to keep their students safe.

Visit our Safety Solutions page to learn how easy it is to use and install the HALO Smart Sensor.

Find out more about our current HALO Smart Sensor special offers, or speak to one of our dedicated Education Consultants to learn how you can get this groundbreaking safety technology in your school.

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We bridge the gap between Audio Visual and Unified Communications

Nureva HDL Audio Solutions

They might be able to see you, but if you can’t be heard properly by remote meeting participants you lose the power of teh virtual team. With Nureva audio you get full-room pickup so you can be heard in any part of the room. Find out why customers love HDL in their spaces. Explore Nureva HDL300 for mid sized and larger rooms.

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Unified Communications & Video Conferencing

We seem to be flooded with choices when it comes to unified communications and video conferencing solutions. ELB integrate the right technology solutions to accelerate your business workflows, supported by long-term relationships with top technology manufacturers and UC vendors like Zoom, Poly, Logitech, Crestron and Cisco.

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Prowise Interactive touchscreen

Watch your space utilisation soar! Prowise touchscreens are loaded with features including crystal clear picture quality, 4K Ultra HD, fully integrated soundbar, four in-built microphones and two ergonomic pens. Available with Prowise MOVE camera for an all in one integrated video conferencing and touchscreen solution.

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ELB Collaboration Labs

Experience a unique environment to test, trial and showcase collaborative workflows simulated for customer ecosystems.

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ELB are one of the largest technology integrators for collaborative workspace solutions, trusted by thousands of customers globally.

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