Enhance safety and air quality in public spaces

HALO Smart Sensor

HALO Smart Sensor

The award-winning HALO Smart Sensor is an all-in-one multi-sensor capable of detecting vape, smoke and even THC oil. Additional sensors give HALO the ability to monitor air quality, temperature, humidity, hazardous chemicals, room occupancy and more! When the HALO Smart Sensor is triggered you’ll get real-time alerts sent straight to your phone and inbox.

Thanks to its simple design, the HALO is now being used across industries as the preferred security solution for private areas. This means you can install the HALO in areas where you can’t place a camera or record conversations. HALO can detect specific keywords and noise level fluctuations and can send alerts when it detects shouting or aggressive behaviour like bullying and fighting. 

As well as sound and chemical detection, the HALO will alert when indoor air quality levels become dangerous for spreading disease. In this way, HALO helps monitor and reduce environmental conditions that can spread viruses like COVID-19.

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Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Sensors: HALO has 12 unique detection sensors that can be customised to detect a multitude of measurements

  • THC Detector: It’s the only vape detector that detects THC oil!

  • Designed for Air Flow: HALO’s smart design allows the sensors to pick up harmful chemicals faster!

  • Less False Alarms: Settings can be adjusted and maximised for each environment, removing false alarms that other sensors get from body and deoderant sprays



Book a 15 minute virtual HALO Smart Sensor demonstration with one of our Consultants. Join from your desk and learn how easy it is to monitor the environment in hard-to-access areas while still ensuring privacy and safety.