From early years to adults. Lifelong learning starts here.

Interactive collaborative spaces that engage and inspire a love of learning

Teaching and learning doesn’t just happen at the front of the classroom. Design your spaces for collaboration that can be flexibly arranged to suit the activity and watch interaction and engagement soar. The modern classroom extends beyond four walls, the future is a connected learning community to inspire today’s agile learners to become tomorrow’s creators, leaders and problem solvers. We can help to get you there.

Early Years

Encourage digital discovery, exploration and imaginative play

The early years are all about exploration, where students and teachers engage in play based learning activities that build the foundation for successful learners. Early learning centres love our interactive touchscreen solutions that are safe, reliable and easy to install. Designed for younger children, teachers can access a variety of free games and lessons that makes learning fun.

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Primary Years

21st Century teaching, creating curious and inquiring lifelong learners

The primary years are critical for setting learners on a path of inquiry, investigation and collaboration. Today’s learning should be student-centred and by creating learning spaces that are interactive and collaborative, suited to the activity at hand, schools can inspire a love of learning and improve learning outcomes for every child. At ELB, we integrate high quality interactive touchscreens and collaborative solutions into education environments to support a pathway to modern learning and teaching.

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Secondary Years

Encourage digital discovery, exploration and imaginative play

As students’ transition from childhood to young adults, their need for more sophisticated learning environments increase. Thoughtfully designed digital spaces address collaboration, inquiry, critical thinking, social and emotional empowerment and support the transition of the teacher to facilitator and mentor. From the integration of technologies and devices into unified communications platforms, room design for multi-modal activities, and teacher training & support, we have experts on hand.

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Higher Education

Encourage digital discovery, exploration and imaginative play

In the same way cloud-based technology is revolutionising the workplace, Universities, Colleges and other tertiary educational centres are in a state of transition. Collaborative and interactive learning environments can support personalised learning both on-campus and remotely, democratising the learning experience. Whatever unified communications path you choose, we can help you integrate the right technologies to drive a differentiated offering to support increased enrolments, engagement and retention of students.

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“The touch screens keep the lessons fun and engaging. The feedback from teachers is very positive.”

Rachel Byrne, Principal, Hunter Sports High School