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Are students vaping or smoking in your school? The HALO Smart Sensor monitors air quality and the school environment while ensuring the privacy and safety of students.

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  • Vape, smoke or THC oil

  • Sound abnormalities or specific keywords

  • Chemicals, gases and air particulates

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Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Sensors: HALO has 12 unique detection sensors that can be customised to detect a multitude of measurements

  • THC Detector: It’s the only vape detector that detects THC oil!

  • Designed for Air Flow: HALO’s smart design allows the sensors to pick up harmful chemicals faster!

  • Less False Alarms: Settings can be adjusted and maximised for each environment, removing false alarms that other sensors get from body and deoderant sprays

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Book a 15 minute virtual HALO Smart Sensor demonstration with one of our Consultants. Join from your desk and learn how easy it is to monitor the environment in hard-to-access areas while still ensuring privacy and safety.

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